Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Shocking Truth !

I am an atheist. That’s the next worst thing you can say in this world after I am gay. Neither is wrong, if you really consider it to be ones personal choice. But telling your religious parents that you find the whole idea about religions funny, doesn’t give you a funny result. How dare you think logically and reason huh? Younger ones more or less accept it without much fuss. But some still think - It’s the new in thing among some metal heads like satanic worship and devil cults. They don’t understand that atheists don’t believe in that either. Satan sure sounds cool and seems to be thinking more on our terms, but it’s still a myth. It’s the God believers who believe in satan and hell and all those cool names American pubs have.

So with my enlightened self, I thought its good to have conversation with religious people regarding religion. I thought it was educational to have debates with them. I thought they would listen to my point of view, just like I listen to theirs. I thought they would consider it to be fair to hear my case. So, I was wrong. Sue me.

I was wrong because of religious people and their strong faith. Its quiet interesting what happens to their strong faith when you even say anything remotely negative about their religion. The faith that’s not supposed to waver, that’s not supposed to be doubted, that’s not supposed to be affected by anything, just vanishes and is replaced by anger or irritation. They all take it personally. Well faith is a personal matter you might say. People hold it very close and it’s like insulting their mother or likes. But that doesn’t mean that others can’t question them. I mean, if I tell a person, your mother actually doesn’t exist and that she’s a myth, the person would at worst laugh at me. Because that person knows for sure it is not true. But when I say hey your god doesn’t exist, they go crazy fucking wild. Because they are not sure if its true and don’t want it to be questioned?

It’s not normal to be an atheist in this world. But like Richard Dawkins said, everyone is an atheist. As far as a muslim is concerned, a Christian or a hindu is an atheist, because he doesn’t believe in allah. Atheist just goes one god further. Anyway. The point is, I had people come and ask me what made me an atheist. And I answer them. With all the reasons I have for it. Starting from how rubbish the idea sounds to me. Whoa! That’s blasphemy, that’s murder. Come on. I don’t expect people to listen to me and convert to atheism. I don’t expect them to believe or even understand what I believe in. But at the least, let me be. I can drink and smoke myself to death, and they wont care. But I don’t go to temples and hey I am wasting my life away. I will pay for it in hell. I guess I would have to pay anyway. So how much is a beer for?

I personally think religion is the root of many evils and that god is a mythical super hero. But that’s my perspective. I will stick to it. I don’t want any ones support, and I can very well handle people ridiculing me. Because I believe in atheism. I don’t fool myself and the rest of the world that I believe it. I just do. So it doesn’t matter to me what they say about how I think, I will continue being myself and I won’t take any of it personally. So for people who get insulted every time I say Mahabharatha is an entertaining story or that I think Jesus Christ is a fictional character, I guess I cant do much about it. Hold on to your faith, if you really have one. Cheers!