Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Killing in the name of....

This is another one. Again written in the classroom. Inspired by a book on the afghanistan war. Both the poem titles are lifted directly from titles of songs by Rage Against the Machine. Not by a prior decision, but they just fit. :)

I wake up, sit on my bed and I wonder
Look around me, why the hell did I even bother
To walk out of my sleep
My fa├žade of solace and peace
I don’t even know how I am supposed to feel
Or if I understand their cries fears and pleas
Not that I can’t understand what I see
But it was me who made them bleed
In the name of senseless creed
What they say, I don’t even know what it means
But I’m still alive, that should make me smile
So why? Do I just sit and cry?
So if I tell you I didn’t want to
Would you believe my truth?
That I was told to
Protect the lie
I’m not fighting my fight
I just want to survive
I kill, because I don’t want to die.

Calm like a Bomb!

I'm no poet. And i really do suck at it. But then here it is anyway. This one was written in my class room, requested and then inturn inspired by my friend who was sitting next to me. This is dedicated to her. :)

Everybody looks at her face, but can’t see through her
Everybody knows her name, but nobody knows her
Like a deep mystery, love lost in a blur
Like that teasing face of a poster girl

She takes you on a ride, merry is her middle name
Will be the comfort, the sweet song in your pain
And when sorrow leaves her a gloomy rain
Still shines on, a blazing eternal flame

The eyes, the lustrous eyes of a magical romance
Leaves the heart, breathless in a dance
Like the fairytale of a mystical glance
A moment, the world lost in a trance

There is truth in her words, love that flows
Pretty as a princess in legends of long ago
The kid in her who refuses to grow
A heart as pure as snow

Her smile like a wild flower, unmoved by the storm
Her laughter, a riot of joyous intone
In her world, crazy is the norm
Sigh, calm like a bomb