Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calm like a Bomb!

I'm no poet. And i really do suck at it. But then here it is anyway. This one was written in my class room, requested and then inturn inspired by my friend who was sitting next to me. This is dedicated to her. :)

Everybody looks at her face, but can’t see through her
Everybody knows her name, but nobody knows her
Like a deep mystery, love lost in a blur
Like that teasing face of a poster girl

She takes you on a ride, merry is her middle name
Will be the comfort, the sweet song in your pain
And when sorrow leaves her a gloomy rain
Still shines on, a blazing eternal flame

The eyes, the lustrous eyes of a magical romance
Leaves the heart, breathless in a dance
Like the fairytale of a mystical glance
A moment, the world lost in a trance

There is truth in her words, love that flows
Pretty as a princess in legends of long ago
The kid in her who refuses to grow
A heart as pure as snow

Her smile like a wild flower, unmoved by the storm
Her laughter, a riot of joyous intone
In her world, crazy is the norm
Sigh, calm like a bomb


Ann Mary said...

hey!!i dint kno dat der s a poetic side in u.gud!!keep it up......(dint understand d whole thing tho!)

aRyA said...


Divya said...

I am too dumb to enjoy or understand poetry so I stay clear of it...but this one is so different....its simple, sweet and fresh.

Excellent one Manutta!

Neens said...

i like that...

vinz said...

ohhh bro....am loving this one!