Thursday, March 10, 2011

To her, who disappeared

This isnt really a poem, its a novice attempt at one. On the back of womans day, here is to all those woman in my life. Those who disappeared that is. Some came back. Some didnt. One never will. This is in no way a complaint or a sad note. Just some thing I wrote down. Thanks to all the women, who have been there with me, made me who I am.

To her, first love, who disappeared
'Coz it was never meant to be
I was different, she was away
But will always be special to me

To her, the mentor, who disappeared
'Coz her heart was never here
Far across the border she went
A post card saying wish you were near

To her, the devout, who disappeared
'Coz she thought she was falling for me
In me she saw some one else
Some one I was never going to be

To her, the loud one, who disappeared
'Coz she thought I was playing
I was her everything, meant the world
And then just a memory that was fading

To her, the radiant, who disapppeared
'Coz I couldnt get along with the man
I did my best, i stuck by her
But guess she took a different stand

To her, the fair one, who disappeared
Coz she was blinded by pain
I tried to be there, lift her up
But it all just went in vain

To her, the mentee, who disappeard
'Coz we both went in different ways
Life is like that, cant be helped
But she was back, it was just a phase

To her, the best friend, who disappeared
'Coz i was crying and blaming a lot
But I was there for her when she needed me
Where did she go when i was lost

To her, sigh! who disappeared
'Coz i had turned to be a freakshow
I know its my fault, uninted though
Punished but see I was just lost and low

To her, the planet, who disappeared
'Coz i was a bloat in the new picture
But she will always have a place
With the thousand memories I treasure

To her, the highness, who disappeared
'Coz his envy had become her fear
It wasnt love, that she saw late
Nothing that cant be fixed with some beer

And to her, the psychonaut, who disappeared
And left the world without a good bye
Coz She didnt want them to see her and cry
You will always be missed my beloved flutterby

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aRyA said...

um.. dats a nice one!i thot, better dan neva' :)