Thursday, September 07, 2006


She reminds me so much of some one. Cant quiet place who. How do I explain how she looked. Its like she is carefree. But not in a fun way. More like she doesnt care at all. Sweeping footsteps. Untied hair. A loose fitting long black dress. And a teasing sadness on her face. She is not crying, but her eyes look like she might.

Have i seen her before? I dont think so. An unexplained dejavu. She is leaning onto her right, hand placed on her bulky brown leather bag. Her head is resting on her right palm. Her lips are curled into something like a smile, which is in dire contrast with the rest of her. No she isnt smiling.

She looks sad. Gloomy is the right word. I heard a bored female voice announcing that I have to board my plane in 15 minutes. I looked at her with a half hope that she will get up and follow me into the aircraft and sit next to me. She doesnt move at all. Time for me to go. Goodbye beautiful stranger.

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