Sunday, July 30, 2006

Eating Vicely

To eat is perhaps the best thing we, humans are forced to do. And there is nothing like eating your favourite food and then sleeping for long to wake up and eat your favourite food again. SO what about the lousy diets and low fat- low calorie- no taste health food? Sorry, but I dont eat crap.This attittude has landed me in a little trouble. I am on the "heatlhier"side. In other words I am on the heavier side. But thats ok. There is always exercise. ( I am yet to try it but i am told it works.)
Eating healthy is now considered the wise option and eating junk food is a vice option. But I prefer the vice over the wise because I am wise enough to know that I am going to live only once. (Ok I have managed to rhyme...maybe ill make a rapper someday). The no cholestrol, no fat and taste like hell food is not of my taste. And not of the majority of populations taste. That gave birth to the Diets, Health clinics, Weight loss pills etc. If you are eating good and feel a little concerned about the health issue go and consult some weightloss specialists. They will help you feel miserable. All the custom made skinny models with an inhuman body structure smiles at you from the poster and asks you to feel useless.
Diet or "self imposed starvation" in laymans term is as enjoyable as a history lecture. And i prefer history lesson any day. I am not saying that anyone should just go around and eat every meal like its their last one ( though I do it and its perfectly ok) but why waste your tastebuds on leaves, stems, roots and the whole vegetation. But then again eating McDs, pizzas, tikkas and donuts alone will make you look like you just swallowed a baby elephant. So strike a balance. dont overdo anything, no supersizing yourself. Eat the tikkas n burbgers and biriyanis. But most importantly never let your tastebuds down. Bon Appettite.

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Gayatri said...

bravo.. bravo.. well said.. well written.. each sentence echoed my sentiments exactly.. :)