Friday, December 22, 2006

Blogger's Block

Finally, I am in the same league as Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, and Robert Ludlum et al. Dang da dannngggg (noun. - A sound effect expressing joy, surprise etc.) I have writer’s block. Although I am honored to experience something those fine authors had, it’s a little frustrating. Mainly because I experience it more often than not. Unlike the other talented writers who get an inspiration even during a very ordinary avocation, I have to sit and think to find something to write about. And because I write (type actually) on my computer, I end up staring at the PC monitor and mouse until I get cranky and the PC shuts down itself because its bored. Not the greatest of feelings you know.
There are 6 billion people in the world. And a similar number of people read my blogs. (That’s 6 including me) Sometimes I wonder why I bother to write if no one is bothering to read. Well I guess I am not writing for others. I am writing for myself. Other than the part that it helps pass my time, blogging is possible in the office while everyone will think I am working, and thus I can do something worthwhile. I have always enjoyed reading and thus developed an irrepressible urge to write. (I also get the urge to play soccer when I watch EPL, to be a DJ when I hit the club, and things like that, so its normal behavior for me.)
So, I started writing. I began when I was 14 or something and had no idea what I was doing. After numerous stories even the 14 yr old me was convinced I am going nowhere. The language wasn’t good, the story was non existent and the characters were pathetic. I gave up. I started again 2-3 years after. My vocabulary was still incompetent. I still had no seeds of story inside me waiting to sprout to a frigging big novel tree. I solved this problem by using two books; an idioms and phrases handbook and a rather heavy dictionary. I weaved a story by simply adding hard to look at words and phrases and idioms with a few characters thrown in. somehow I managed to write a few pages of some sense. 3 days later I reviewed all that I wrote and I found myself looking in the dictionary at least 4 times for each line. And to think I wrote it a few hours earlier.
The point is that, I am not a talented writer, nor am I an author of any sorts, but screw the world, I have writers block so big, its visible on my head. And that just makes me proud. And it makes me more proud that I overcame the block by writing about it. Geez am a genius. And thanks to all those people who still find time to read this and do it for the sake of friendship. thank you. I am glad to tell u that I am going to continue writing. As long as I can. Oh come on now PC don’t you shut down on me. Am done, am done, am done. I promise. CTRL + S.


radhus said...
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Neens said...

heyy pal.. smash all ur blocks n come up wth new entries! dont worr abt ur readers as long as friends like me still got internet access!!! n ur idea f how to compose blogs in offce will b of great help to me in future! will follow ur path!! thanks!!!
keep writing dude....

Anonymous said...

"I still had no seeds of story inside me waiting to sprout to a frigging big novel tree"
wow...n u say u cnt ryt?btw i hate writers blok too....irritates de hell outta u