Saturday, February 17, 2007

Vice men say.

I dont like to boast about myself or my achievements. Mainly because my imagination in that scenario isnt great. I am an immature prick who doesnt have a clue what he is doing most of the time. But I must say that I am a vice guy. No, I did not mispell it. I am not that dumb. I am a vice guy in the sense that i have a lot of vices.

Actually I didnt know about many of my vices until recently. Because, forget the usual vices, I discovered i have been indulging in a few sins without even knowing about it. And chances are most people are doing this. One of those carnal pleasures i am rightly accused of doing is eating tasty food.

For my own sake of living well, I stay away from the healthy food and diets. I cant even imagine myself eating some brown bread and green salad with some sugarless juice for every meal on every day. In my office there are quite a few people who invariably nibble on colourful vegetables and boringly green leaves during lunch hours. People panicking when they realize their tea has sugar in it, almsot fainting when there is a slice of cheese in their sandwich and definitely fainting when some one offers them a fat-rich steak. Time Out !

I can understand eating healthy(but never believe in it- am a heatlh food athiest), But this is ridiculous. Every other magazine and tv show, including the news hour, has something to say about healthy eating habits. I dont eat fast food every day , nor do i live on soft drinks, but i love to eat tasty food and am going to stick to it. All those people who eat tasteless nonsense , do yourself a 'flavour' and eat a hyderabadi dum biryani for lunch. You will see my point.

If i thought the food thing is ridiculous, i was shocked by a newsbit last week. It said that a study on sleeping has proved that sleeping for more than 7 hours a day will cut down on my lifespan and hence is a very unhealthy habbit. What do i say. Beer , cigarettes , fast food and now sleeping. there was one thing i could do without getting worried about the after effects and that was sleeping long and well. not anymore because if i do, i am not going to live that long. This particular piece of useless information made me think about my vices and write about it. Am not exactly worried about my sleeping habbit though because whatever anyone says I am going to do it.

But this is ridiculous. Chocolate is bad, beer is bad , meat is bad , sleeping is bad. Whats left? And there are tons of people who are ready to follow it relgiously. Reminds me of a saying," You may not live longer if you dont eat rich food , drink or smoke. But you will defenitely feel so". Life is for living. And there is only one chane. No point in wasting it on some stupid rules. So for me a vice guy is a wise guy. Lemme go eat a steak burger and sleep for 9 hours. PeaCe !


Neens said...

ok.. mr. vice man... eat drink n b merry!!!!

Gayatri said...

well good for u.. chyeers, burp and hick.. :p

Neha said...

hey fucker.... think u r hot haan.... dont fly into the sky as someday a girl like me would come up and kick ur ass in such a way that u wont be able to dream of having sex again.... dont beleive me then try me out... i know u r not virgin.... and i think i absolutely right... remember even viagra wont effect u.... what say haan...:)

Neha said...

Hey fucker, how are you? Hope u r _____________ till date.... i know one thing about u that u think of urself as one big flirt and also a big fucker coz u havent met me till date.... he he he..... the day a gal like me comes in ur life... beleive me ur life would be screwed like anything.... and yes would screw in such a way that you'll cry for ur whole life and even viagra won't help u out in it...:) he he he

manu said...

well whoever the above person is can come n talk to me. i can abuse back but am not silly neither i have time. but i do wonder y this neha has a problem wit me.

Anonymous said...

immature prick:)....god...wonder wot tht is