Sunday, July 23, 2006

The American cliche

Its said that people should learn from their mistakes. And those who dont are idiots. And those who do but still ignore them are super idiots. I am talking about a god fearing, honest and able leader named Geroge W Bush. and i have my fingers crossed.
The reasons for the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war were many according to the American President. Weopons of mass destruction(read oil), lack of democracy(oil), lack of freedom (oil) Saddam Hussein(oil), Al Qayeda(oil), Bin Laden(oil). So for those who can read the truth between the lines the only reason is OIL. ahem. i know i know. that everybody knows.

What I am talking about is not the war. Ill talk about that later someday. But I am talking about the new found hatred in USA. The French. For those who think geography is a waste of time, its a Western European country near Germany and Belgium. So whats with the French and the Americans and the Iraqis. Well its like a hate triangle with a lot of lost love between them.

France and US are one of the 12 founding members of NATO. So when US decided to invade iraq MrBush and party took for granted that France will embrace them with support. Instead they embarassed the US calling its decision an act of artrocity. The French Foriegn minister, De Villeppin recieved a loud applause for his speech against the Invasion in the UN. Bush, the true and noble man he is, always hated loud applauses and louder truths. During the pre war stage in Iraq, almost all the european people, I repeat, people, were against it. The governmets were not. Except for the french and the Germans. And both didnt send any army to Iraq. now now. Thats a good enough reason for America to hate them. how dare they refuse to kill,rape and torture the Iraqis. What about the dangerous WMD. What about the dictator Saddam Hussein? Dont these people even have some humanity? Oh! for the love of mankind, kill a few thousand people and loot their lands.
The French-American relationsip has always been a love-hate one . More hate and less love. During the initial years of America, they loved the French. And with a reason. One of the main reasons why America exist today is because the french Military supported them against the Birtish forces in the war of independence. And they started building up the country with the huge funds supplied by the French Govt. Then came the World War-II and the Americans hated French because they felt the French were being ungrateful after the US helped in liberating France from the Nazis. This anti-french sentiment revived in the wake of the Iraq war.
France was not the only country who opposed the war. But they did so with ferocity and honesty. So there began the American media circus. The usual list of specialists explaining things everyone already knew. Debates and opinion polls, interviews and talk shows. The American media accused French of being scared, worthless, betrayers.
And then followed the really stupid expression of feelings. They took all the old blonde and redneck jokes, polished them, substituted "French" instead of redneck / blonde and revamped to suit the French connection. The French fries and French toast where renamed to freedom fries and freedom toast. That was an appropriate name the way they fried and toasted freedom in Iraq. Jaqueas chiraq became a cartoon character. Everything made in france suddenly was a bad taste.
Now when the US Army are lost in the middle of nowhere, the NSA is even thinking of accusing some french hands in this, the voodoo et al. With all these hatred, lying presidents and dying soldiers the common American is lost. With 2 leadres named after human genitals ruling them, media telling confusing lies and world turning against them for their governemnts artrocities the Americans now live in a United State of Confusion.

Please somebody take the bush, dick and rice out of the white house and put some humans in there. PeaCe!

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