Friday, July 21, 2006

The Trend Trauma. Part II

Continued from part 1......... ( this after the 1st one. Coz thats how it is)

4. The trend of low waists aka The "no waists" trends.

Low waists are good. and stylish. I wear them myself. But many dont just wear low waists now. Its more like they dont wear anything on the waists. Guys walking around with their pant waists dangling over the knees and falling over. Girls who wear low waist jeans and skirts and spend half their life time checking and pulling them up. It has become a fashion to flash under wear. Infact underwear is flashed around so much that oxford has decided to change it to over wear in their dictionaries. There is nothing wrong with dressing stylish. But why dress like sluts and idiots. Dress decently. Nothing is more attractive than a neatly and nicely dressed woman/man.
(PS- i agree that the no waists are sort of a perverse viewing pleasure, but i feel sorry for them at the same time)

5. The trend of "life sciences" aka the "show me how to live coz i am too dumb"trend.

By life sciences i dont mean biology. Its too broing to be a trend. I am talking about the various techniques and methods packed neat and sold to people who until recently didnt know that they were not living properly. The Fengshui. An ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment, whatever that means. Although ancient, Fengshui has found takers in this 21st century. Nothing wrong with that. But then again people are overdoing it. Buying curios that look nice for high prices because they promise everything from money and peace to a better sex life.

Then comes the Vaastu Shastra. Vastu is conceptually similar to Fengshui in that it also tries to harmonize the flow of energy through the house. Its not just the newly constructed homes that follow Vaastu. The old exisiting homes are practically broken down and rearranged according to the science. Then there is the art of life which shows you how to breathe properly(wow. i never knew how to do that. Duh!) And a whole parade of yoga and martial art related circuses. I am not saying these are not good. And i dont know about the credibility of these techniques. But there are too many ignorant souls selling their version of these techniques and raking in big money. And the way people are following it makes me wonder if I am really living or just dreaming.

6. The SMS contests trend aka The “ I have too much balance on my mobile and nobody wants to talk to me”trend.

Almost every product and programme has an SMS contest tagged with it now. Drink cola and send the number under its cap to a number and whoa you have a hummer for yourself. From simple and easy to downright stupid questions are asked. The stupidity of most questions are only matched by the much more stupid answers. Just a few days back I saw an anchor asking for the capital of kerala and the getting India for answer(seriously). And then comes the amazing gifts which unfortunately remains anonymous to the rest who didn’t win. But this SMS thing doesn’t stop with contests

The VJ asks you to SMS your favourite song, movie, girl, vegetable, bomb etc etc. And a specific proportion of population with nothing better to do sends in the answers. And when their message is read out by the VJ they shed tears of joy and feel like an achiever. Then there is the SMS live chat on tv where the SMS crawls along the bottom just like the senders. The opinion polls about who will win the election, is the government right or wrong and a million other questions. And the grand finale will be the “Do you think our opinion polls are right or not”, Please send us your opinion about this to the number ……… my opinion ? Get a life.

7. The miscellaneous trends aka "Not popular enough to be mentioned seperately"trends.

Here we see the whole lot of trends that are catching up. The health drinks trend. Redbull, powerhorse, gold power et al. You feel dehydrated? tired ? try one of these. Or if you are really into risk taking try some water. Amazingly, it works. The protien food supplements trend. The party your ass off and make an ass out of yourself trend. The bust enhancement and penis enlargement trend. Although it is not yet highly popular, if this trend grows we will have people walking around with monstrous nether regions. The "I have the costliest mobile in town and i dont have a clue what it does"trend. The “I spent a fortune on this dress and it looks funny” trend. and so on and on and on.

Trends will come and go as long as the mankind is alive and the MNCs exist. Going with the trend is alright, but dont make a fool out of yourself. Adios.

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