Saturday, July 22, 2006

The mankind's incredible thirst for.......well...water.

My office is really cool. As cool as an office can be, thanks to mitsubishi's ever dependable A/Cs. When i try to sweat myself with workload, it just doesnt happen. I want my boss to feel that I am overworked and tired but the damn A/C keeps me fresh all day. Oh well. Thats not what i wanted to talk about.
Its summer. And in Gulf it really means summer. Its as hot as hell. But its not just the heat that one cant stand. Its the humidity. One minute in the hot, humid, ruthless sun and you will be soaked like in those bollywood rain songs. You might as well go and dip urself in hot water, except that water is not available that easily. In short the whole thing feels like sitting inside a presure cooker.( no i wasnt talking abt my office there)
Yea. the crazy invention called air conditioning is available and common here. but we cant Air condition the great outdoors. Another option will be to stay indoors all day. So i either have to sleep in the office or take the office to my home.I do both anyway.
The air in this desert is sticky and greasy. and then there are the winds. For those who think winds are welcome, you will be welcomed by a sand storm which is not so welcome. Soon one will be choking with sand inside their mouth and nose, crying with sand in eyes, and all in all look like a moving sand dune. And all the heat the sand and humidty calls for a saviour...water.

To get some you have to lose some. I guess thats what happened to the deserts in gulf. They got oil and in turn didnt get water. Yes, oil guarantees money. And in some countries it also guarantees homing missiles and cluster bombs. And a zionist sponsored freedom to test human endurance. (also called by some ignorant idiots as "operation enduring freedom")
So with money you can buy water. Tug icebergs from the antartic and bring it and melt it and use as water. Distill the sea water and use it. But there is nothing like the natural water. the rain, the river, the streams. Bottled water just cant substitute natural water. because...well...its not free.

dehydration is so common here that geting dehydrated is just like being hungry.
"hey. wats up man ?"
"oh nothing. am just sitting home and dehydrating"
"go and drink some water then."
Yea i will. I am jüst waiting for my bank loan to be passed. I am broke"
I was exaggerating about the cost.Water is costly. But not too costly. And it is available. That is a huge relief. In this arid desert, there is no water shortage. And the cost is not that unreasonable. But the water that comes out through the pipe during day is so hot that if u put rice into it for a few mintues, it will be overcooked. again I am exaggerating. But if u pour the water over you it never the less feels like you are being cooked alive.
So there are the large cans of drinking water and water coolers and freezers to help you out. For the first time in my life i have spent more money on water than on ciga...ah nothing. Though there are the bottled colas and the colourful fruit pulps, nothing feels as good as a glass of pure cool water. except maybe beer. So now, let me walk to my office canteen and get some water to drink before i hybernate...i mean dehydrate.

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