Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Dreamers Disease

YES. Ive been diagonised with the disease of the century(been that for the past few centuries) I have the dreamers disease. In laymans terms, I am a dreamer. I guess most of us are. What is life without a few thousand dreams. The day dreams and the night dreams. The realistic and the unrealisitc. The funny and the scary.No point running away. you were born wit the disease. and you will die with it. just to confuse everyone reading this am not making any distinction between the dreams. dreams are dreams afterall.
What if what we think is reality is actually a dream too. This bizzare brainstorm came from a former colleague of mine named Mr. J (His name is Jayaprakash Lalwani [house no 316, maidens lane], but I will use J to keep his identity secret. ) who was a hardcore dreamer. When Mr. J was interviewed for the post here, he was asked if he has dreams. He had said with all the genuiness that he does. The HR had no idea that he would take it literally and sit and dream the whole day. (And after 10 days when he asked about the appointment letter, he was told, "In your Dreams Mr.J.")
So now back to the disease issue. The first symptom i noticed was that I was loosing all kinds of connection with the world for short periods of time. I was suddenly in another world as another person. I DJed in the Hard Rock cafe while Tiesto and Paul Van Dyke were applauding at my sheer genius in turntabling. More than once, Berkgamp (or henry, pires, ljundberg etc) floated a cross to the near post where I latched on to it and held off two markers before i side-footed a shot past Kahn(or barthez or Van Der sar etc ) from close range. Goal!
I have done it all. From scoring the last run for India to seal a victoy against Pakistan to becoming the richest man on earth. From acting in the Godfather 4 to recieveing an Oscar for directing movies like "the eternal moonlight of the spotted mind". From sweeping the grammies to dating Salma Hayek and Alicia Silverstone on the same night. Been there, done that, in dreams.
All people have dreams. Dreams about jobs, money, fame, love, life. And the unrealistic dreams of a million more things. There is nothing crazy about it. Thats how we are. And then there are the dreams of our subconcious minds. The sleeping dreams. the nightmares. The wet dreams. I have dreamed of everything from making love to fighting a war(thanks to Tom Clancy for that ).
dreams are perhaps the cheapest sort of entertainment. one of those rare pleasure for which we dont have to pay ridiculous amounts of money called tax. its our own private secret world where everything is possible. keep dreaming and dream for the stars. (the small white sparkling things in sky...not salmha hayeks or jennifer anistons).
But one thing i have always wondered is how true the dreams are to reality. the dreams we see subconciosuly, are they an expression of the supressed feeling and desires ? I dont know if the dreams i see while i sleep are the hidden truths inside me. if it is so then there are lots of truths to take with me to the grave. lots.
We all have those crazy, nasty and sometimes dirty dreams we rather not talk about. Thats an evidence that you actuall belong to the species called homosapiens. If anyone feels guilty about it, well, dont. And for anyone with a social outlook belonging to the 17th century, telling you otherwise, well you always have the middle finger.
Now that I am completely taken over by the disease, there is no recovery. Actually, i am not even complaining. As for the cure for the disease, no thanks. Ill live with it. And as for the psuedo moral police telling me its a sin to dream the naughty dreams, here is my middle finger. its my life and ill dream whatever. And as for my boss asking me if I am day dreaming, well yes sir. Am dreaming about the day you will reach a much higher level (and leave our office for good). So dream on everyone. May all your dreams come true.

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pavan kumar said...

you started on a great tone, but then from the middle, I didnt get what I was looking for.. though nice post!