Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A hair raising experience.

It is not easy. It takes months hard work and dedication. Face a lot of threats and protests. Ability to ignore those who laugh at you. Strength to smile back when some one looks at you like you are some wierd alien. It is a test of human endurance. I am talking about a guy growing long hair.

why would a guy grow hair. For me the reason was simple. I always wanted long hair. maybe its because I am a metal head. There is nothing like head banging with long tresses. Not maybe. thats why i wanted it. But as i said it wasnt that easy.

why would it be hard, someone may ask, to grow hair. You just dont have to cut it. well the someone is wrong. For me I had hair more curly than a spring coil. And when i tried growing it, instead of growing long and down it went up like a birds nest. So I had to straighten it, to complete the look. And there started my adventurous journey.

As months passed my hair grew(obviously). And i was changing. I was looking completely different. Throw in a line beard along the way and i looked completely new. It was amazing what long hair can do to you.

My friends whom i met after a long time didnt recognize me. When i patted my cousins hand when i met her after a long time she screamed out. My uncle and aunt refused to believe its me. I had to show them my driving license and electoral card to convince them. I was stopped by the immigration officials at the airport. The guy there simply woudnt believe I am the same guy as the one in passport. And i dont blame them. Because I had changed so much that somedays i woke up and went to the mirror and was like ..."Hey . Who are you? " ( I can really exaggerate sometimes)

My mom had only one thing to tell her son. Cut Your Hair. To wake up everyday to the same sentence gets boring. But it did nothing to weaken me. She tried everything from pleading to shouting but i was no ears. Then came my relatives. Everyone was talking abt how decent i used to look. And how i have turned to be a villain. My aunt and mom said that I have to cut hair or face the consequences. Fine. that evening I went and pierced my ear. So much for the decent look.

Outside my home wasnt that different either. everywhere i went I saw people making faces at me , passing comments at me laughing at me. Ask me if I care. But in a strange way I wasnt affected by this attention. In fact it felt cool. I was a rebel of some sorts. Kinda like I made my point and I didnt even have to say a word.

I have long hair and am proud of it. And if somebody has a problem with it, then, well its on my head, so stop whining.

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nikhil said...

y do u want to be a rebel? does that make you more happy than to plese your parents?