Thursday, July 27, 2006

Man = Woman

All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others. Some one famous from some place had said the above statement once. (I dont remember who it was, so....) And I dont really know what it means. But it has something to do with equality and I coudnt find a better opening statement.
As for the equation in title, it is wrong. And u dont have to know mathematics for that. Because simply, men are not equal to women. If they were then they wouldnt be called men and women right?
Ok, I am talking a lot of crap here. But gender equality doesnt mean being equal. It means getting equal opportunity, equal rights and equal treatment.
So how equal are man and woman. The feminists always say that woman can do anything man can do and so this and that. Lets face the truth. Woman just cant do everything man can do. (like for eg say drink 5 cans of beer and talk about mean machines) And man cant do everything woman can do ( like spend hours inside a mall and remember the anniversaries and birthdays). Its not supposed to be that way either. Man and woman has different abilities and different limitiations.
But then, most of the things ,they both can do. And thats where the problem arises. I dont understand what some people have to lose if they admit that women are as smart as men? They put in the same effort in a much more adverse situation standing up against all those who try to drag them down and still at the end of the day get a lesser pay check. They work with the same loyalty and dedication but is by default not considered for promotion. The unfairy story ?
To be not treated equal is bad, but to be treated like dirt is something else. Ask a girl, any girl from any country how many times in their life have they been passed obscence comments at, how many times have they felt their space violated. And how many times have any man have had this problem.
The equality problem isnt just confined to the office. Its everywhere. When a man sleeps with a girl he somehow gets an image of a hero. And when a girl sleeps with a guy she is a slut. Didnt they both do the same thing ? I wonder why there is no male gender for the word slut.
Inequality is everywhere, at home, road, everywhere. When some are imposed, some are invited. And nothings gonna change until those who want it to be changed speak up. You will be pushed only as much as you let yourself be pushed.
Do i sound like a pro- feminist ? Sorry but am not. Feminism is as bad as male chauvinism. Men are not greater than women and woman are not greater than men. Why not forget about the genders when they doesnt matter (and start remebering them when it comes to love affairs and marriages). the only thing for men like me to do is to respect woman and get respected by them. For all the girls out there hold ur head up high and walk tall. PeaCe !


Abhinav said...

hi, u'r right actually neither man or woman can replace each other. they r unique identites

samgoth said...

hey manuu,
i agree with you completely. we all say we would be much happier and life would be less insane without the opposite sex, but hell i cant do without them! hey would you hit me if i said i could do somethings better than you?!!! heheh

Neens said...

hey.. good post! n good thought too! would agree completely with you! you got good spirit! wish all men felt the same!