Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Casualty of Society.

Society is something which more or less shape our lifestyle. To live in harmony with society is one thing and to live scared of the society is something else. It is true that we have to follow certain guidelines if we are to live in a society. But there is a thin line between being in good terms and being ruled. To be a part of the society or to be a victim of it. And we refuse to be the casualty of society. We, ladies and gentlemen, are The Rebels.

Most people have at one point or another become a rebel against society. Mostly when they are young. But when we think again, we are the society. When it is somebody elses problem and somebody elses life the rebel becomes a part of the society. And it is high time we change this hypocrisy. For us, the young generation, and those who think young, we don’t care much about what people is going to think of us. we do not do any one harm but we do not want anybody to tell us what we should like and dislike. Don’t meddle in my affairs and I will not meddle in yours. Kind of a no give - no take relationship. By this I don’t mean that one should live exclusive of others. But why nose into others personal affairs uninvited especially when there are a lot of other social issues to be concerned with.

Its always a topic for debate. Why it matters to the rest if some girl in the hood is in love with some boy. It could be a concern for the girl’s safety. But more importantly it is a question of breaking taboos. And taboos make rebels. So what makes taboos?

Falling in love is something special. Or so says the count less books, poems, novels, movies and songs. And so says those who have had a taste of it, good or bad. But our society, although inclusive of those aforementioned people and although have read and heard about love, still treat love in a bad light. ( I should say that I am not talking about the metropolitan and modern societies here) I don’t understand and don’t want to understand the reason why falling in love and marrying the lover is a taboo. Parents knows best, true. But when it comes to personal choices the person maybe knowing better. So leave it to them. To love or not, to marry or not and whom to love. Its such a personal affair. And if society has a problem with it then let them stick it up their **** because listen up … we are in love.

Why does anyone has to lose sleep over someone else’s love affair. A person should be measured by his qualities. Not by his cast, creed, religion and bank balance. And as long as two people love each other none of this should matter. What is going to happen if a Christian and Hindu marry. Yes there will be complications but the complications are creations of the society itself.

Talking about sex is still a taboo. Its something that everyone does. And am not talking about the premarital or extra marital ones. We are not supporting it either. Sex in general is a no-no in public vocabulary. Why do they forget that the main reason why they are here is sex. It is an act of intimacy and it is sacred. And not talking about it only leads to ignorance about it. Which in turn causes divorces, sexually transmitted diseases, misunderstandings and worse like exploitation of children and woman. Even saying out words like condoms are greeted by contempt. We can talk about wars, diseases and crimes. We can talk about death and suffering. We can talk about alcohol and drugs. But not about sex. Because oh! it is a taboo. And all this happens in the country of Khajuraho and Kamasutra. Welcome to the society of fakers and hypocrites. And yes we will talk about it, because we have to. And those who flinch at the S word, well, you don’t exist for us.

We will dress the way we want. And if you don’t like it then live with it. My long hair is on my head, my slogan tees are on my chest. And if you don’t want to see it turn a blind eye as you do so well to the real issues.

Why does it bother the society if girls and boys are best of friends. How is it any different from a same gender friendship? Only the perverse minds have perverse thoughts. And i dont need to say who is the pervert here. Our friends are our friends and not a matter of concern to you, the society.

We will hang out till late, we will party. We will listen to rock music and dance to hip hop. And that has nothing to do with patriotism as you so wrongly accuse. We are patriots and we love our country. As long as we are not doing anything bad please keep off our planet. A few days ago i heard a quite famous man talking about the "polluted youth of today". Yes i agree there are vices around. Drugs, alchaholism and crime. But society is oblivious to all those things. If you think the youth in general is "polluted" then you are breathing the wrong air. And we are not asking you to stop us from the evil. But dont step on our space, restrict our freedom.

If it violates you when we use the F word among us then please dont try to over hear us. We will use the F word and if that is a problem for you then fuck it, we dont care. As long as we are not abusing you it shouldnt matter to you. And if you still want to advice us about the evil of it we will flip you the finger.

Dont misunderstand us. We are not against you. We are against your hypocrisy and phony morality. Against your prejudice and animosity to what we do. So we are not going to live by your rules. We are not going to give in. Let us eat what we want, wear what we want, do what we want. Let us love and talk about it. Its our life and we will live it our way. IF you criticize us we will ignore you. throw egss at us and we will make a toast out of it. And if you are turning deaf to our demands, it doesnt matter.. Because if you dont give a damn, then we dont give a fuck.


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